Friday, 22 July 2011

Phone hacking affects Poole

Rupert Murdock's phone hacking scandal finds it way to affect little Poole and to be more specific, Michael's paper round. No more News of the World, so less paper to deliver. It is such a small world that an Australian living in America, can affect so many lives throughout the world. I must say that the whole story is being continued by the press and the politicians, I have moved on and so should the rest of the world.

There are a few truths, some newspapers get real close. Not all bankers are bad, there is a few grey areas. Goes with their suits.

Robert did two weeks work experience and was assisted by the police, driven in a police car, was followed by mad people, evicted drug addicts, served antisocial behaviour orders on the dregs of society. That was the first day, he worked for Bournemouth City Council, the housing dept. He is going to write a diary of his two action packet weeks and I will let you into a little when I know more.

This house is full of colds, Michael was generous enough to pass on his cold to me and I shared it around quite promptly, with the exception of Sam, we all felt this summers virus. So will now retire to bed and sleep, to dream but not to wake.

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