Monday, 11 July 2011

Reflection on my 3 score years

First you are your mothers joy then her tether, the ball spins and you see what you think is the most important person in your world until you have another, in my case there are five. Then you watch them grow and fly and then you think you are the treasure but only in your dimming eyes. Pensively, I wonder what would grow in the space I leave behind? Something for delight of others, or pain? I do not know but feel I should.

I have been spared the horrors of a normal marriage, the ‘I do and you don’t and who brought the subject up first,’ type of cohabitation. Public faces in private places, better and wiser for private places and public faces. It is respect, love and respect.

It is not that I am so smart, it is that I stay with problems longer – Einstein, on why he thought he was so clever. I agree but on reflection have not stayed long on any problem. This ability to stay with it, is a gift some have and others admire or begrudge.

We went glamping (glamorous camping) over the weekend, Friday night to be precise. Between Susan and Sally, they invited a few of my friend to a BBQ and a stay in their Shepherds Huts on Longthorns Farm. Lovely evening, great company and good food, the wine was quite good as well. The last time I went camping, I think I was about 16, now almost 60, it has been an experience.

I proved the theory I have had for years, camping is not for me. I admire those who embrace nature in its crudest form. Living in small pup tents, sitting in front of a fire sounds romantic but the reality is, smoke in your eyes, a cold wind on your back and uncomfortable chairs to numb your bum.

On my Birthday, Susan and I will enjoy a fine breakfast and then a walk around Corfe village, cream tea and then on to some friendly pub for dinner.

I will leave you with this thought on life. In Piranha filled waters the monkey drinks with a straw.

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  1. Would have loved to have joined you at CORFE. X