Sunday, 24 July 2011

The ultimate holiday trip

Forget the children asking; 'Are we there yet?' The monarch butterfly migrate south every year. The thing is that they do not live long enough to fly back. This 3000 mile trip is their last but not for the swarm. Yes they actually get there but then time takes over and they will start the journey back. After a short time the oldest will stop and lay eggs, then they will die. The eggs hatch and finally their children will continue the journey back to where their parents came from. This happens every year, will one make it back before dying? Who knows, they all look the same to me.

Talking of different facts, 'Adobe', the software company, means clay bricks.

PC do connect with bytes and Apple also connect with bytes against popular belief that Apple connect with pips. A rumour put out by Pamagor.

Enjoy your weekend, we plan to take it easy letting Merlin get over her cold and I will watch cricket, the German GP and hopefully have a BBQ. The boys have finished their golf lesson so it is time to go home.

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