Saturday, 30 July 2011

Warmer air comes to the South Coast

Today was slightly warmer than the previous week but that come with a cost, girl with push up bra balancing 44 DD breasts in a low cut top, leans over and gravity takes over letting those melons see the light of day and the rest of us taking cover. I do expect an ASBO (anti social behaviour order) to be served on those over ripe water melons, what were they thinking. Must be the weather. The unfortunate girl, who dressed herself, is understandable very upset. Her first port of call was social benefits, wanting to know if there is a benefit for massive melons growing on her chest, just next to the tattoo of Shrek. This fickle weather does bring out the best in us.

    Russell softened us up with a Tapas recipe and then ended with ‘Up the Bokke’ or something to that effect. I did notice that the South African Rugby team were not up to the challenge and the All Blacks did score freely, my sorrow goes out to those who support this national icon but they are just human, well Homo sapiens as opposed to hominids. I am sending Pamagor out to Georgedale to comfort Russell in his hour of need. We have a team in the UK who play rugby as well. They are all in Edinburgh at the minute celebrating their captains wedding to Zara Philip of the Royal Dynasty fame, she also rides horses. The recipes are the next best thing to sliced toast and I will cook, eat, drink and tell you what it was like.

    Board took a hat trick against India today at Lords, this is turning out to be an intriguing match. Matthew Dickens won the Audi Cup and is off to Melbourne. I see the fame and money already, Matt a small house in the country and a small dowry will come in handy.

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    1. Melons !!! served the Spanish Tapas way it is rolled in Parma ham and enjoyed like that without tattoo's.....
      Up the Bokke for the WC...