Monday, 8 August 2011

The Games we Play

I spy with my little eye something beginning with 'A'. Now we can all go through the alphabet but 'A'. Sounds like something that Mika or Lily 'would say. Now Dan the Man would say 'T' . In actual fact it was Angela who said 'A' then Mark said 'T'.
Why is that squirrel there?
Michael has sold his Yamaha YZ 85 for what he paid for it and I think that finally we are now free of petrol fumes, high revving engines and broken bones. I started the bike for the buyer and one smell of two stroke petrol fumes took me back too many years. Best to put that behind me. There is that squirrel again?
I give up what is 'A' for? Air says darling Angela. You can't see air.
Yes you can it is everywhere, just look at the sun when you shake your jacket out and the little things floating around are in the air.
No Angela, Mark shouts from the back of the kombi.
Yes you can, Angela shouts back, so what is 'T'?
Time says Mark, this is a friendly game but 'Time'? Yes time says Mark, someone comes up to you and asks have you seen the time?
That Kombi gave us so many good times, in fact I can not remember a bad trip. I hope the money that Michael has in his pocket will see him through his driving lessons and a licence. I wish him happy miles and a Kombi one day.
Why is that squirrel sitting on the desk?

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