Monday, 22 August 2011

The Little Master has his Swann Song

Today England won the forth test against India, they have won all the others, but the Little Master, Sachin Tendulkar failed to make his 100’s 100. India were bowled out for 300 in their first innings, and once Sachin Tendulkar fell as the tourists followed-on, England ripped through the tail, taking seven wickets for 21 runs to underline their status as the new world number one side in the Test rankings.
Graham Swann did admit to wanting him out but also to see him achieve his swansong hundred. Will the Indian selectors pick him for his next series or go for someone younger? From the way India played I feel the next generation needs to see battle.

Pamagor has danced in the Radio theatre, The Mikado, this while looking for Gussell and Markus in the wings, wearing light pink tights that show the full package.

This is a great British Summer, rain and wind dog the holiday makers day out at the beach and when they finally see a clear day the wee wind from Siberia blows a gale and all the holiday little darlings get sand in their eyes and grumpy parents. Why do we do it?

No small car yet, but then we did have Nandos Hot Peri Peri Chicken for dinner.


  1. Hi....aaaah that good SA chicken Nandos

  2. Pamagor ! English cricket No1 team without playing the mighty SA or Ozz team..... Saw a lovely ad filmed on Bouremouth beach, 100 ladies ( nice ones) running on the beach towards a large beach shower....Nando's now in Poole... maybe worth a visit

  3. Nandos the Brit way, very hot is comparable to SA medium and Hot is Mild. Did not see the girls running on the beach but then again it would only be on selected websites and as I have Parent Guidance on my computers, it will not show up. Come visit anytime, maybe we can go to the beach?

  4. It's a British ad...Lynx shower wash, they had bikinis on, little black ones...Are you safe there?? all i read and see is trashing, burning, looting, murder, fighting in the UK and you at war with a least 5 countries and bombing Libya for fun

  5. My apologies, they were in little black bikinis. Good to hear you well and still a so good looking. The way the government is cutting the defence budget we will have to drop one of the countries we are fighting in to balance the books.