Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Middlesmiths take on Rome

The Middlesmiths wrote:

We got to Rome after an uneventful cattle class flight to discover no phone or Internet access on my iPhone...shock horror...that was the longest 3 days in my life without a connection to the outside world but probably what was needed...
Rome is very cool, the scale of the construction of those old
buildings is something everyone should witness in their life...I've
attached a pic of the main square with the Vatican, those little ants
at the bottom of the building are people.
The best part of Rome for me though, and what I've found is the best part of Italy, is the little coffee shops, being a restauranteur is
what an Italian was created for and they create the magic of the
standard coffee shop / pizzaria (Pizza shop) /pastaria (pasta shop)
/gelateria (ice cream shop - that one had you guessing). They're on every corner often 2 or 3 of what appears to be the same shop with different table cloths, the one will be crazy busy and the one next door dead quiet... its about the guy running the place and creating the atmosphere. The pic of the place where Claudia is sitting became our favorite, run by 3 brothers, one behind the bar, one in the kitchen and one out front serving and canvassing for business.
After Rome we jumped onto a plane to head down to Sicily, the airport brought me a working sim for my iPad and communication to the outside world was re-established, although only to a limited extent as my iPhone is sim locked and i've only been able to use Skype...
Catania, Siracusa and Taormina mails to follow, got to run, off the
the old city in Siracusa now for some wine and a real pizza. Sun only goes down late here, it's been at least 30 degrees everyday (today got up to 38) so the beach has been often frequented and air cons much sought after...
The Middle Smiths’

It says it all, such insight to history, what worry’s me is that these two parents have so much children free time, Mika would wonder?

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