Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rome beckons the Middlesmiths

Following that natural urge to return to the mother land, the Middlesmiths are journeying to Italy, the home of pasta and pizza hut. The quality of cement has dropped to EU standard, so those cement flip flops will dissolve the minute they hit the water.
I should not say this but the Middlesmiths has stolen a march on those most loved Dickasmithi down under and have taken delivery of their new Audi today, just before jetting off to Italy. Sorry but it is in the public interest that I report this story. Indiana Youens was seen arm in arm with Pamagor waving goodbye to the lovely couple, did I see a tear from the manly Indiana or was it just the dust? Pamagor was howling his eyes out, not because they were going, but through pure jealousy.
On a more serious note, India lost the second cricket test to Broad, Bell and Bresnan. Jenson Button drove the race of his life and won again, followed closely by Vettel. South African rugby team lost again and Kallis is the No. 1 batsman in the whole world. That is your sports round up.
Has anyone heard from Markus and Gussell, the last I heard they were eating Tapas, it is a worrying time. Please call, all is forgiven. If anyone has any information, please post a comment.

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