Saturday, 6 August 2011

Turner Post Chardonnay Reserve

This is an exceptionally drinkable wine with a grassy note, grapes are plentiful and it is clean.
£4.59 at Tesco on special. Well done New Zealand.
Is it just me our has anyone noticed that since the Middlesmiths have been in Italy, the Italian the economy has gone on a down hill spiral? An economics expert described the Italian economy like a slow car crash. I have to be careful what I say but the world’s stock market is on the edge of another depression. Every day for the last three days the headline news has been the world economy linked with what will happen in Italy.

Get a grip, you guys in the news offices of the world, the Mafia will sort it out, it is all in the family. Trust me on this I know someone who knows someone in the Mafia.

A recent survey done by Yougov, a public watchdog, shows that 31% of all Brits think the BBC news can be trusted, 29% think the newspapers are trustworthy. 70% do not believe the press!

I said in May this year that there is life after the iPhone, it seems to be that way. Enjoy the rest of this very uncertain Euro weekend.

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