Monday, 22 August 2011

The Wait is Over

You may have been wondering when I would put pen to paper again and why it has taken so long.

The wait is over and the reason for the long delay is, the time consuming task of trying to buy a second car. Michael is now old enough to drive and with the talk of petrol going to £ 1.50+ over the next year (it is £ 1.36 at the moment), this car needs to be driven only when we need the space.
The only problem with buying a cheap second car is that we want the equivalent of a Audi A1 but have the budget for a 10 year old Fiat Punto. I did go to an auction and won the bid on a Renault Mogus but they wanted another £175 more and after the look on Merlin face when we looked the car over carefully I realised it was not for us. I could have bought a 207 Peugeot, but again the consensus was, that I was mistaken in my attraction to this little French vehicle. 5 years old and only done 46,000, good points, Peugeot, bad point.
I did see a Audi A2 with 56,000 miles and 6 years old but again the error of my ways was pointed out in advance. I will post a photo of our second car once we buy one but do not hold your breath.

As you all no doubt know Gary and Claudia of Middlesmiths fame returned safely from Italy, relaxed, pleased to be home and a little more experienced in the ways of the Claudosa way of life.
Angela is pregnant with another version of that old favourite Lily on the way, Geoff and Carole are eagerly awaiting their next grandson but who knows it may be a girl, they count too.

People who we have not heard from recently are Markus and Gussell, Pamagor is investigating.

The final bit of news is that Michael received his AS level result and did very well, Two A’s and two C’s. Now we have to put our minds to finding a university to take him off our hands next year, bliss but not to be under estimated, a task that takes some cunning, far enough away not to want to come home for weekends but good enough to educate him further, tricky!! The Shetland Islands was my first thought. What you say, no University there, there is always distance learning and the Shetland Islands are a distance.

Enjoy your weekend and the rest of August as we begin our run down to Christmas.

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