Saturday, 17 September 2011

Always visit a new GP

Just a photograph of waves breaking into the beach at Sandbanks, it is true we do have waves, occasionally, small but the effort is there.
A newly qualified GP are the ones to go to, they know all the new illnesses. Do we get new illnesses? Anyway that is the new advice from the Granny State we live in, because of that label we also do not listen. Talking of labels, did you know that Lily means flower and Susan means Lily, odd that.
Michael means ‘Who is like God’ , bloody hell do not tell him that he has enough on his shoulders already. Gary means Spear Carrier and Mark means Rebellious Warrior. Seems alright but then Robert means Brilliant Fame. I know we can get a little carried away with all these name meanings and try read into them more then we should.
The Brilliant Fame is having his golf lesson as I write, he has grown, most of the boys are in the seventeens' and he is just 15 but holds his own when it comes to size. Paul his Coach has just offered a Kitkat chocolate to the longest drive and Brilliant Fame hits it 250 yards, winner by 100 yards. Amazing what the lure of a chocolate does.
Ireland beat Australia – Rugby World Cup. Hot on the heels if losing the Ashes – again. Dickasmithi family are in mourning, except Lily the Flower. It is all beyond this little princess, give her a good box full of Lego and a paint brush with some paint and she will change the colours of all those little blocks to make her house pink, complete with pink dog. Geoff just loves her natural freedom to be allowed to paint anything.
Mika has just completed her stage debut with rave reviews, more on that once the Sunday papers hit the stands. Maybe Spear Carrier will update us with a wee comment. Please read the terms and condition (T&C) when submitting a comment, namely keep it to less than 1000 words. Is it true that Dan the Man is taller than his mother? The Dark Lord was heard to complain about the price of a new wardrobe of cloths. Maybe a photograph, again T&C, no photos more than 1 meg.
Lesson finished time to drive the wee boy home with his kitkat clasped firmly in his little hand. Enjoy your weekend.

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