Sunday, 18 September 2011

Indiana goes to Africa

Indiana goes in search of the lost orders of the Saba stores. The ancient department of scripting has been chasing a deadline to get the information for Indiana to start his quest for the Lost orders of the Saba stores. Ancient idols have been summed to put together the facts from the ancient scripts and give Indiana the slim chance of discovering the Lost orders.  Helen of Winterbourne searches for the answers for the lost languages of Africa. It is all up to the quintessential, mercurial Indiana Youens and his courage.
The Dark Lord goes to the mythical land of Maputo, striving to keep this world as we know it alive. We can only wait to see if Doctor Pamagor will help The Dark Lord with his final battle of world survival.  Doctor Pamagor holds the key to the Q5 battle stations and the limited fire power it will support. The Dark Lord relies on the more nimble A1 BT telephone booth.
HQ waits, it is all it can do now the dye is cast. So much depends on these modern day OSD warriors.

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