Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Last of the Summer BBQ

I believe it will all end in tears, the build up to an event such as a marriage, children's play or a rugby match. The young nurse comes onto the ward for the first time and dreams of a young, attractive consultant to woo her and take her all the way to the alter. He is Gay, and she is blinded by love, this will all end in tears. The rugby match, will the tears be French Pee or New Zealand, no the Kiwis do not cry but those fragile, passionate French will have a quiet sob. They will be fortified by a good bottle of French red wine and wild, wild women. No.

Will the score be will be 20 – 10, to who? Only those romantic French know the answer. One of the youngest civilisations taking on the oldest, slam dunk I believe. Merlin wants to know why there is big smokes going on outside???

BBQ, the great British summer. The truth is that we take the best meat and burn it. The butcher creates the most delicious Pork and Apple sausage and we will burn it. Why have we not learnt?

The normal stove will offer an even heat for as long as you want it but we light a fire and hope for the best. Prime evil, primitive, cave man style, targe, they want us to drag them by the hair to our cave, why?

Talking of food and we must all celebrate Mika, Catechism done and now the heady mix of religion, family, food and wine to acclaim this achievement. Throw in a generous helping of pasta, eggs, garlic and parmesan cheese and we have the makings of a banquet to please the clan from Claudosa.

Has anyone spotted the Wine and the year it was bottled? I will be bringing you so many more bottles to spot.

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