Wednesday, 26 October 2011

On this day

Bizet was born, many years ago but still his music lives on. Born on the 25 October 1838 and died 3rd June 1875. Best known for his opera Carmen, which is still an outstanding musical masterpiece.

The Dark Lord and Indiana Youens are in the Kinshasa for some exciting things. Oh what things you might ask but they will let us know in the span of time. We wait.

Talking of waiting, Michael is on his way back from Cornwall after a couple of days surfing, poor fellow, it has been raining on and off for the last couple of days. By all accounts the waves were good and the rain did not put them off. I suppose when you wet you wet.

Mark did a cycle race from Pietermarizburg to Durban, 106kms and had rain for most of the way, brave lad we must salute his determination. I said to him that I would want to stop every 2 hours at a Travel Lodge for a good nights sleep and then carried on.

Can Gussell last for the next 4 weeks until his first pint is brewed and ready to drink!! Ridgeback Lager and he will do house brands. Something like Pamagor and his strange liaison with Brokeback Mountain, what ferments in those barrels could down a grown man or take your fancy.

On the topic of that likable rouge Pamagor, I think I might have seen him in Deloris's car on the A31 to Dorcester last week. I have included the photo, see what you think. Is that a squirrel in the passenger seat?

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