Saturday, 8 October 2011

This and that with food

I heard a little girl describe her father as a big strong man who left every morning for work and later would come back looking wary and sad but when he saw me his face lit up and he would ask how my day has been. I also saw the same look for Mum and he never complained. I call that love.

I saw my father in that little girls description and also remembered his love, he never complained.

Did you hear about the college student, who was part of a pantomime, as the death reaper. Fully costumed she took a short cut through the garden of a big hospice. Nine coronaries and four already dead. One way to rotate your stock!

French chicken with a chasseur jus. Do not be daunted by the preparation it really is worth it. Buy two fresh chicken already tied up. This is one of the easiest dishes to make and tastes so fresh and full of flavour.
I did not serve it with waffles but with chips and a fresh salad. Beware everyone eats more than you would expect.

Formula 1 and Hamilton has his excuses ready. Button, super smooth, loses out to Vettel by .009 second for pole. Hamilton and Massa line up together on the second row and thank goodness the two top drivers are in front of that fight. I think the seasons title will be sown up tomorrow.

Now Rugby, Ireland beaten by Wales was a bit of a surprise and we all knew England would crack under the French flair. Tomorrow SA vs Aus. Enough said, I do happen to have children in both countries so will sit on the fence, no need to alienate those I love over a ball that is not even round. England did win the Ashes and shown India how to play cricket. For those who are not that knowledgeable about cricket, the ball is round.

The Dark Lord celebrates another year as master of all he beholds. On travel he goes to the little know side of Africa for 3 days with instructions to Indiana Youens to raise an army if he is not back by Wednesday. What will he bring back and why is he going? I would have taken Indiana as a companion on this adventure, that man knows how to deal with the natives.

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