Sunday, 2 October 2011

Woe be tide the Hot weather of October

Did a little work then took a drive to Merlin at the beach, also to see the wanton display of flesh in the meanest of cloth. Oh the joys of autumn.
This unusual warm spell has the boys lusting for female company, in itself a natural behaviour, but we must think on the gene pool. Always marry someone slightly better looking, more intelligent and with the family history of longevity and moderate prosperity. The boys are too young to appreciate these subtle clues but will in time and with Merlin’s nurture, they will see the benefits. In the mean time I take pity on any female who graces our home with her presents, Merlin does not understand the male urge to capture and nurture a female of the species for extramural activities. I feel for them, how would they know it is working properly, boys it takes years to work properly but the road is long and the trails worthwhile.
Talking of trails, Angela was in Melbourne with Matthew and Lily for a golf day and the girl who drove them from the airport knew Gary, what a small world but then Robert feels Gary is know in half the world, brotherly love!!
Robert says that it is expected to snow this coming week, I will keep you posted but like the weather forecast, do not hold your breath, the consequences are fatal.
Tonight we are having Ina Paarman sirloin steak  with roast tomatoes, chips and salad. Simple meal with a punch of flavour. I have always advocated healthy eating and this is just that type of meal to make you loose pounds and gain vitalilty. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and someone please let Pamagor know that Gussell is back in town and has a Skype account.
Pamagor is wooing Delores from Eastbourne. Gussell let me know that she is drop dead gorgeous. She had better be with a last name of Cathornson. Delores Cathornson of Eastbourne, has a natural ring to it. More from Gussell as soon as he spares us a minute.

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