Sunday, 13 November 2011

Can we get those Photos done

Our weather is slightly cloudy with a mild breeze. We are destined to do our photo shoot at 2pm and finger crossed. Oh those jumps, Matt, with the help of a trampoline, jumped high. Lily is somewhat up side down more than not. Good luck to the Smiths of Africa, hope those clouds stay away and the shutter speed reaches extraordinary highs.

Bad photo taken with my webcam, apologies to the photographers among us, of the latest Merlot from Aldi supermarket, what have they put in the bottle to sell it for only £2.99, can not trust these Germanics at all.

Had a run this morning with Merlin along Branksome and almost made the blue house, Sam had to poo, so near but so far. Good run back and am ready for this afternoons action.

Talking of the beach, today the warning signs just caught my eye. Watch out for the grones. Do not play on the grones, do not play on the rocks, do not jump off the grones, do not swim as the current is severe, do not sunbath for more that 20 minutes, no sleeping on the beach, no dogs on the promenade etc. etc. I must ask the simple question, what can you do?

Merlin is off to Blackpool for a week of international conferencing and a Gala Dinner at the Hilton to finish it off. You can all imagine the desperate search for a dress. Shoes and smart casual/business and smart casual evening. M&S, Dorothy Perkins, Beales, the list go on and on, and we have not even mentioned Topshop, all went back, take back queen in hard core mode.

The stress for clothes is far greater then the Powerpoint presentation, that’s just business and these ladies let the MD worry about that, quite right.

Have you heard of a Jug? it is a form of dog and from that name I would imagine it is a pug crossed with a jack russell.

Enjoy your weekend. Is the squirrel meant to be sitting on the tripod? NO! Never mind, just get on with it.

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