Saturday, 26 November 2011

I meet my daughter for the first time–today

Many years ago I meet her for the first time, she was beautiful and remains so as the years go by. Happy Birthday Ang of the Dickasmithi’s. Ang is sister to Gary of Middlesmiths and Markus of Ketteringdale.

Well the blue house was still a goal to far but almost and there is always next week. This body of mine is a temple, not quite listed yet but still functions well. It is the head that stops me, it screams stop you will kill yourself, your legs are like lead and your lungs are bursting, stop. I ran through the start of all the screaming but as the house got closer the head won, just.

I am watching the boys doing their golf lesson and wonder where has all the money gone that I have spent on these lessons. Hooks, shanks, all go in the wrong direction. I think you should be able to get your money back after years of lessons still show no real results. Actually Robert is hitting the ball well and Michael is not far behind, pity the do not go straight!!

On the work front I am very busy, with more work coming in, it is a good time and will be a busy Christmas. I am not complaining as good regular work is hard to come by.

I must tell you, I am down to the last 3 in a draw to win a Apple Mac Air 13”. What a Christmas present that would be. Watch this space.

I have a Christmas list for anyone who is interested.
1. Socks, brown, beige, red or yellow.
2. A woolly jumper.
3. Fat stick of salami.
4. Cheese, olives and a crusty loaf
5. Bottle of Pinotage or any other red wine if you must.
6. Alfie Bow – his new CD, just called Alfie Bow
7. Chocolate!!

Feel free to post your Christmas list on the comments or email me and I will put them in a blog.

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