Out walking in the snow - part 2

‘Wake up, time for your breakfast.’ Woman again
The room was bright and white, hospital, must be a nurse.
‘Good morning.’ I sat up slowly and feeling slightly of focus. The nurse, yes it was definitely a nurse, looking very efficient, clean and absolutely beautiful.
‘Are you an angel?’ I asked expecting anything.
Her eyes laughed as she smiled, ‘Too you maybe, but too my mother, I am just a girl.’
‘Where am I?’
‘You are in the Royal Infirmary, do you not remember coming in last night?’
‘No, only falling over a big man and a dog, just as big, I recall he tried to help me, then I woke up here.’
‘What did this man look like?’ Angel nurse asked intently, gentle pushing me back against the pillows
‘Massive, he wore a kilt and sporran, his dog was just as big but seemed gentle, so was he, now that I think of it.’
‘Did he have a beard?’ she asked.
‘Yes a red beard and red hair, but how did I know it was red, it was dark?’ I could see him so clearly, as if he was highlighted under a street light.
‘Well eat your breakfast and I will come around later.’

A smooth, soft tongue was licking my hand.

The image was so clear, every colour crisp, in perfect focus. Blue clean sky background resting on endless white sand, filled the space. Captured forever but never to be seen. The bullet that went through the woman’s head left only a small dark mark on her temple as she tried to retrieve her water bottle. The next image showed the dust erupting from all around her body as it hit the soft sand of the desert. So dry the water spilled and was lost forever in the thirsty soil.

My father had said that my choice of careers was for pansy boys, why was he not here to help his pansy son now?