Sunday, 20 November 2011

A lost Year

Where has it gone, here I am all caught up in the spirit of Christmas and have lost sight of the year that has passed with the speed of light. I blame it on the squirrel.

What a year it has been, Dickasmithi expecting their 2nd baby in the New Year, Mark and Michael, each having a fall and hurting their shoulders (I blame it on that squirrel), Merlin opening the Black Pool Tower Eye and I turned 60. I did start the year on the right side of 60 but time had it own way and when asked again I was 60. Enough of the years and the rapid passing of time.

We did our run this morning and again that blue house was just too far, sometimes I really want to give up, it is so easy to lose heart but by next week I am convinced I will be ready, achieve that goal and move on to better things. Merlin ran like the wind, passing the blue house in a very casual way, silly woman, I will catch you soon.

By the way when you get your Christmas Calendar please do not spread the news too wide, I am getting too old to handle the fame and all the paparazzi that goes with it. The days of speeding away from motorbike press riders is just too much. Hang it somewhere special for you but out of the gaze of the public eye.

I have my week planned before it starts, must complete the Calendar and send it off to the printers, remember to phone Angela on her birthday,darling child needs all the love we can give, as that little darling of a daughter of hers seems to be taking all the limelight.

I digress, but I am allowed to, in a world where everything is changing, Lemonade is still made with artificial flavours and furniture polish is made with real lemons!! A point of interest, there is no Latin word for lemon?

Design, prototype, build. I really am battling to come to terms with that philosophy. Corporate speak has evolved into another language but if you completed the sentence it would be something like this.

We design your dream, create a prototype and build reality.

Enjoy your weekend and for those who are riding their bicycles, good luck. For those that are not in a relationship, life has a way of sorting itself out.

My song of the week is ‘Don’t give up.’

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