Saturday, 21 January 2012

Benjamin Charles Dickens

Born at4:53am (see announcement). He is a sweetie, hopefully will become a sweetie, only a mother could love a new born baby. I think it is the relief to have it out that makes them say things like beautiful, cute, lovely etc. They say it takes a real man to make a girls, Matt has probably found his feminine side at last, no more 'me man you woman' for that trendy, modern man, well done Matthew.

Back to the Dickens dynasty and the welcome arrival of a son and heir. Geoff and Carole can breath a sigh of relief that the Dickens' of Australia will carry the family name into the next century. That is going to be one lucky boy.

I do know the Smith genes will help him through all the trials and tribulations of life as head of the Dickens dynasty, strong genes those.

Matthew it is never too early to get him out on the practise range at your local golf course, just watched Robert hit a 300 m drive straight as a dye. High fives all round. Is it dye or die? Sad news about the passionate Panda, the golf clubs do not fit in the back? Only thing I can think of is that they made the clubs too big, nothing wrong with the ample Panda.

The squirrel is back again, maybe something to do with the weather? Just ignore him, he will go away. Must say he is in good condition, plenty of nuts available this year, so much for global warming.

Talking of weather, Susan and I went for a run along the beach this morning and it was quite pleasant, 11 deg C and only a light breeze, maybe global warming campaigners do have a point. Predicted snow next week and by the looks of the clouds coming from the weather side, I am inclined to think it will be here a little earlier. Watch the news it might just snow again, twice in three years.

Just to end, they have a new book out called "What every woman wants". I am just popping around to the bookshop to see if they spelt my name correctly.

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