Monday, 30 January 2012

It’s my Birthday, I am 50

That is the theme of Susan’s buzz line if slightly prompt. 50 is quite a mile stone for someone who has lived life so much to the full. Her birthday really started on Thursday evening with a dinner at a posh restaurant with the elite of Merlin. Friday, not working, saw a touch of retail therapy and then some more retail therapy with her two boys. It is only Saturday morning so lets see how the rest of the weekend pans out.

Woe is Gary of Middlesmiths, flew to Maputo to install some electronic devise for the bank and forgot to take the devise, that boy is under pressure.

Saw pictures of the now famous Benjamin Charles Dickens of Dickasmithi way. Soon to be head of the notorious Dickens Family of Oz. He is a sweetie as described by his mother and she is right.

Talking of famous, the Fiat Panda has now being going for almost a month on the same tank of fuel, work and back everyday for Merlin and running around shopping over the weekend has put on 320 miles with just under half a tank left, we can only marvel at its fuel efficiency. Keep up the good work little Panda, you have such frugal passion.

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