Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The joy of a bottle of Chandonnay

A wine that does what it says
I have just opened a Chardonnay from Spain and it described the wine as a fruity, soft wine with sweet melon and a hint of pineapple. This one did just that, first time ever. They experts have enhanced taste buds that can detect the subtle of flavours. Why do they sample the wines and pass a comment we will never be able to taste. "A hint of the meadows". Yes it's true, on a bottle from Chile, I ask you what does a meadow in Chile taste like?
Apple is about to launch the iPad 3 with 'loads of cool feature' according to the web. I still would like to know how to save and retrieve files and then print them. Other than that this iPad does what's it says, most everything.
Our resident artist in Australia is turning her little hand to interactive designs, just sent me a lovely painting with the added benefit of balloons, buttons and a small photograph of her, beautiful, will fetch a great deal of money one day at a Southerbys auction. Ben has a long journey ahead of him.

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  1. Yes, Ben has a hard act to follow. Glad you liked the painting/collage. Lily is the craft queen! X