Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Legoland Hotel and Theme park, Windsor.

So much in a matter of hours to take in, I have taken quite a few pictures and ridden a few rides, just to get the feel of the park.
We decided to go to the Theme park first which is a Legoland; everything is made to look like or is made of Lego bricks. We did the pharaohs ride through the ancient pyramids and tombs, almost like a ride of discovery. From there we went to mini Legoland, famous buildings and places all made from Lego bricks. I really liked Edinburgh Castle and the City of Edinburgh at the foot of the hill. The New Star Wars experience is mind blowing and if you are into Starwars this takes in all the episodes but all constructed of Lego pieces. The attached photo shows the intricate detail.
Then on to the hotel, we were invited guest to do a dry run before opening on the 18th March. The entire hotel is done in a Lego theme, down to your room decor and outside features, again photo attached. This is a must for anyone who has children under 12 to come to. All the head office staff was there, almost like another day at the office for Susan but with the pressures of work left behind. I took myself off from the festivities to gather my thoughts and enjoy the atmosphere before going to join the party for dinner. (The pyjama party for the kids is about to begin so I will get another wee pint to fortify me through this noisy time. Hopefully they will all be off to bed as soon as they have some food in their tummies, from the sounds of them they are all beyond exhaustion and need their beds.)
The boys went to Thorpe Park today (scary rides all death defying) and sounded shattered at 4pm when we spoke to them, they are going back tonight,
Legoland Windsor is really for smaller children, the ride tame so parents can take them on, no death defying rides to talk of but great fun.
A great green bear has just arrived, something like Barney only bigger, to start the pyjama party and the children immediately loved it, so much fantasy keeps them enthralled. I can see Dan, Travis and even Mika loving every minute, a little scary for Lily and too noisy for Ben. These are time when I really miss not having everyone close.
This is a social gathering for Susan, all her flock are in one place and she is in control, hope my snoring tonight does not wake the young and vulnerable. Merlin is a big company but still retains the small family business ethos, quite an achievement considering they are now a global organisation.

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