Saturday, 3 March 2012

Police horse loaned to editor of The News of the World (TNofW)

Police horse loaned to editor of The News of the World (TNofW) Yes we have now come down to this lowest of levels, loaning a Police horse to a person who has a whole stable of horses and happens to be married to the former editor of TNofW. Headline news and the horse was ridden by David Cameron on numerous occasions. This you might think is rather trivial to make the front page of our popular tabloids but stranger things have happened. Why is this news? I do not know but it did receive loads of BBC airtime as well but I never got to the reason it was such news. I have enclosed the article and maybe someone who is clever than I ask can explain.

Another pet hate is waiting on the phone when calling a support centre, the average Brit spends 45 hours waiting for that elusive human voice after pushing numerous options, all designed to make it better for us, actually to put us off. Salvation is just around the corner, an apps developer is about to launch an app that will phone you back once the human voice comes on the line, it will listen to the tinny music and that recording of "you are number 5 in the queue please do not hang up your call is important to us". I will be investing in one of those apps, if I earn £10 per hour I will save £ 450 on average a year.

Michael and his friend have gone down to Devon, Croyde to be exact, to surf, looks a little like SA, with the roof racks loaded high with surf boards and happy boys. Freedom of turning 18 and the whole world becomes and adventure waiting to be experienced.

Robert of back at golf so this is my time to catch up with my blog and fill you all in on what makes the world tick. It also means I can enjoy a bottle of cold coke and a snicker bar, cross between a lunch bar and a lion bar in other countries, while blogging. Talking of ticking, Russell has been informed he can not get insurance for his house after the 5th robbery. I hate insurance companies, happily take your money but fight hand and Foot letting it go, for goodness sake we paid for that peace of mind!

Gary is taking on the Argos challenge this coming weekend, 200 odd Kim's around Table Mountian racing the whole way with only your legs to propel you is a sainting task for the most experience of rider, Gary is still new to this and is attempting this race without his trainer wheels, Oh how my boys are growing up.

Next weekend I will be writing from Windsor, at the new Merlin Windsor Hotel which we have been invited to try out before the official opening in a month time. Dinner, bed and breakfast, I am a little apprehensive as it is a Lego Hotel and hopefully they have thick mattresses over those little Lego bricks. I will take photographs and post in the next blog.

Now to finish, Ang and Matt have had their 6th Official wedding anniversary, only Ang would have an official anniversary and another couple unofficial. Happy times Ang and Matt.

Till next time, anon.

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  1. Lovely pOst. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The horse made news in Australia too. Go figure...???? X