Saturday, 24 March 2012

Robert the Budding Politician


This letter arrived from school the other day and I could just see him one day as a politician

Robert Smith, School council Head Teacher interviews - Wednesday March 28 2012
As a member of the Student Voice council at Poole High School your child has been selected to assist in the interview process for the new Head Teacher of Poole High School on Wednesday 28t h March.
Your child is an excellent representative of Poole High School and has been selected for this reason as well as their contribution to the school council and their school record.

I asked him what he would be looking for in a head teacher.
’He must be able to talk to children, without that he will never understand how to motivate and earn their respect.’ Says it all.

Well the weather is giving us a look in at what the summer might bring, our temp are predicted to be 10 deg C above March average and as I sit writing this blog the car’s dash says 19 deg C. Susan has taken herself off in the Panda with Sam in the back for the beach, nothing changes except this time Sam fills the back of that emotionally charged supercar, will smell when they get back, what with wet dog and hot car a bad combination, where is Gary’s Landy when we need it?

Angela had a near miss with a nasty tornado sweeping through Townsville taking off a few roofs and blowing down some trees. We must remember that house is a house that Matt built. My gates are still like new through all the snow, wind and rain we have had over the last 7 years. That house will stand most storms or else Matt will hear about it from Ang and to a smaller extent, Lily.

Now for the tech news, Microsoft are bring out Windows 8 shortly, aimed at touch screen devises but will work as their Operating System. It seems like yesterday that Windows 7 hit the scene and already we have 8 coming on. I do know people still working with XP, now that is a blast from the past. Anyone who is still with XP or Vista, wait for Windows 8. I am getting a test version on Tuesday and will let you know what I think.

Talking of Windows 8, I had a look at one of my websites on a Android tablet the other day and it looked pretty good, I have been building all my sites to be iPad/iPhone friendly, which, I was hoping would cover the Tablet market as well. Thank fully is has.

I am finishing off the Beauty Salon site and promised you a preview, take a look here: .

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