Sunday, 18 March 2012

We do not know what we like

We like what we know.

I am not sure who originally said that but it is very true. We like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, hamburgers and ice cream, I do not know if I like rabbit, I do not think I do, but having never eaten rabbit, I do not know. So much for that little bit of important trivia, let's move on.

I am, again watching little balls being blasted into the sky and then sailing off to the left or right, Robert’s golf lesson and my blogging time.

Susan is back from another stay at the Legoland Hotel, this time she went to the quarterly exec meeting. All this when the Hotel only opens on the 18th March. Power brings its benefits, the whole 150 room hotel for 10 people. I would imagine 5 staff for every guest. The reason for this ramble is that we thought we had a great room, low and behold there are exec suites with desks and a small lounge, mini bar and huge beds. Luxury has its perks but they seemed to be too busy doing important exec things and working importantly long hours, all to keep up appearances to enjoy the ambiance of exec suites. I will insist on one of those the next time I get invited. It is not what you know, it is who you know and I know some important people in Merlin who will make sure I get an exec suite, just to try and see if it can be improved.

Just to end, I have attached a photograph taken of a London Bus.

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