Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Big Freeze blows down from the North

Snow returns to Scotland dispelling any idea that the spring is with us. Last week saw temperatures soaring to 23 deg C and Britain starting to believe that there is such a thing called Global Warming. Mother Natures has the laugh and we wait for the Easter freeze that looks likely to blow in tomorrow and stay for Easter.

On a warmer note:
The Home Office says new laws to allow the monitoring of all emails, texts and web use in the UK will be brought in "as soon as parliamentary time allows".
I do believe the Big Brother State that George Orwell predicted is looking to becoming a reality. My gut feeling is that it will not happen in the near future but will slowly worm it way into the statue books almost like a computer virus, one day we will wake up to the fact that everything we do is being monitored, maybe Google does that already?

Must do some work but will end on this interesting note. My grandson Benjamin was asked if he would like to start Golf lesson? His joy can be seen in the photograph.

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