Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Weekend

A quiet weekend for us, the weather not that great but did manage to clear the garage out, 4 trips to the tip took all the junk and not so junk, but in the way rubbish and now we have a huge garage to fill in the near future.

Merlin took us off to a garage to buy a car. Photo attached. Some say the car was designed by Merlin herself and others have heard the Stig is getting one before her, I say that this concept car has the added attraction of being sophisticated, dynamic and exciting. All this is cloaked in a stylish yet friendly new design and one of the most Turbo powered economical engines available today. German developed with Italian designing enhances the overall appeal. Due to be released in a weeks time, Merlin will take delivery a week after that.

It is now Monday and we have eaten our body weight in Easter Eggs and Hot Cross buns, it is time to take Sam for a walk and Susan to the shoe shop to buy some motoring shoes which will double as work shoes as well.

Claudia ran 10km in 1 hr. and 15 min, no doubt also to work off the melted chocolates left in the South African sun for children who are not impressed. Susan and I ran to the blue house and back along the promenade yesterday and that took us 45 min. Another great sporting weekend behind us. Happy Easter.

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