Sunday, 1 April 2012

Golf - How young do you start?

Watching the junior class getting instruction on how to hold the golf club and I can see the impatient's to get to the fun part, whacking that little white ball. One little guy watches on, probably not 3 yet or only just, has a very little club in his hand and while the others go off to see how the coach does his swing he takes to the practise tee. Still a little unsteady on his feet he finally manages to get the ball to stay on the tee, the smile tells it all, this is the big time. Quick look to see if anyone is watching he steadies himself, looks to the 150 m board and takes an almighty swing, you can just imagine that ball sailing past the board into infinity and beyond, Buzz Lightyear.

Reality, he misses completely and the momentum keeps him going, all the way around and then down he goes, onto his bum. Now to this budding golfer that means naught, up he gets and the process starts again. On the forth attempt he manages to just nick it and the ball rolls two or three feet away. Triumph, his face tells the story as he looks around to see if anyone saw and then in true form, he has watched the older men, he takes a huge drink from his 2 litre bottle of juice. From where I am the bottle almost takes him to his hips and I very much doubt if he could have picked it up if it was full. Oh the rigours of a young mans golf practise. Enough of this fickle game, must move on to important matter.

Have you seen the new Facebook page for Joburgsetco web page, if not check it out on should get you there. Remember to become a friend or write a short comment, really is a great site we already have 5 likes and three friends. Latest news letter is featured as well which you can read the full version on the Joburgsetco news page with photos of the launch of the New BMW 3 Series and also features the amazing wall of screens at Suncity for the Standard Bank managers conference. Give it a try you know you want to.

I am enjoying a coke and a aero chocolate while writing, Susan and I had our first serious run this morning and I am topping up my carbs, that's my story anyway. The simple pleasure of a sweet chocolate and the fizzy cool coke makes perfect partners. Easter is around the corner, Susan and the boys are on holiday for the next week or so and this is the last time Michael will be a school boy on holiday, later this year he is on to university leaving Robert to fill the house for the next two years. Life moves on and we will win the lottery and retire when he leaves the house. Travel the world in a mobile home, drink fine wine and write a little, heaven.

Susan took the photograph of Sam trying his fierce stance. Enjoy your weekend and the coming Easter weekend.

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  1. Happy Easter to you guys too! Love the little boy golfer story. Lily has a little set of clubs... We're encouraging sports with a big income so we can retire with you in a couple of years!!!! X