Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mother Natures holding her grip on Winter

March saw a Indian summer for most of the UK with our day temp being in the higher teens but along came April and the cold, windy weather systems engulfed us. Wind, snow and single figure temp figures made April honest again. This could be an interesting summer!
Saturday's, alas always sees Susan and I setting off for our weekly run on Branksome promenade. Today was no different, but with the weather being damp to put it mildly, we put on sensible running gear. You know the thing about running in the rain is not the wet puddles or your legs getting colder, rain stinging your face, it is that continual drips of rain that runs down the back of your neck that seem to invite the devil dancing on your grave, real shivers. I do not wear expensive running clothes, Tracky longs, cross trainers and a t shirt with a long sleeves jumper in odd weather, mostly all the time. In the middle of summer I might change the tracky longs for running shorts but other than that I look like a homeless tramp type of runner, funny that. Anyway Susan ran to day and I looked after Samuel, Merlin Entertainment Golfing umbrella kept me dry and I can quite honestly say I enjoy the leisurely pace.
I spoke to Russell yesterday and he was having cold, rainy and windy weather as well, he was home alone for the long weekend as his extended family were all away, shame he did sound a little down. Maybe someone should give him a call and cheer him up. Out forecast predicts more of the same for the next week or so, when will it stop? The wettest drought we have ever had. Enough I say, I am sounding like a true Brit, always talking about the weather!!
Gary,s company set up a replica of the Paris North station (Gard Du Nord) in Johannesburg. I have put a few images on the Joburgsetco Facebook page. I was really amazed at the attention to detail, down to a train dining carriage with a full dining room inside, Paris styled cafe and all the signage and clock looking very authentic. Type in and all will be revealed.
Merlin is loving her Panda, full of Italian passion and zeal. Mighty acceleration and frugale fuel consumption bringing a smile to anyone driving or being honoured enough to drive, will appreciate. Her only complaint is that it is forever telling her when to change gears, little Panda do not mess with this lady, changing gears is her decision. I must say this little Italian masterpiece coloured in white with black trim lives up to the name Panda. Top speed of 112 mph and average fuel consumption of 54 mpg, it brings back the joys of motoring and the open road. That is about 5lt/100 Kms. A trip to Durban from Johannesburg using about 30 ltrs. 
Must go , all for now, enjoy your weekend.

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