Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Story of my Writing

Michael and Susan have both asked me if I wanted them to take Robert to golf and give me a break. I told them that it is my time to blog, write, it heals the stress and strains of life for me, not that life is that bad, pretty good actually but in saying that I thought I would try and describe why I need to write.

The heart and soul of the story is the heart and soul every writer puts in to the story. Spend a little time writing a story and you will know something you might not have known.

Writing lifts me and I suppose the best way to describe it is that for all my truest hopes and desires for my writing is that, what I find, I never knew. It always comes as a shock, a surprise. It is new.

We could never know what we are going to do before we have done it and in that sense we discover what we did not know.

There are things in my life I will see, there are stories I will hear. If I do not write them down, not paint that pictures, it will not be seen, not be told.

Tell me your stories, I will learn something new, not only the story but more about you. If you never tell the stories, no one will know you and more importantly your children will not have that piece of you they can always go back too. Facebook it, blog it, email it but write it.

Create characters for your friends, family, and other people who appear in your life, someone will emerge as a hero and lift us when we think of them.

Granny June sent us a letter at least once a month, hand written, it told so much more than just the written word, I maybe replied to every second one and she always thanked me, pity the letters have stopped now but I promised her I would always write from my heart and this is one promise I will keep.

I hope this goes some way to explain why I sometimes bore you, lift you or make you laugh, they all do the same to me.

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