Friday, 4 May 2012

Tour de Argos

gary cyclingGary of the Middlesmith’s decided to enter the Tour De France this year.
Gary eased into the sport of cycling when he was taken on as a delivery cyclist for a florist. That did not last long as the guy from the florist kept giving him big bouquets of flowers and he did not really like the guy that much. But his love of cycling was born.
Many hours to and from work on his foldup bicycle honed his lean frame just enough to get into one of those close fitting cycling suits and he was ready to take on the best in the world at the Tour De France. After buying some funny shoes to cycle in he set off for France. Being a true professional he took his three bikes, two racing and his foldup bike.

The big day arrived clear and cold. Which bike to ride, the foldup or the racing bike that hurts his bum, looking around he sees everyone has a racing bike so putting on a extra pair of boxers he takes the racing bike.
After a false start when his coach shouted ‘Focus’ and he jumped into a Ford Focus they started the race again. At the starter gun he decided to set off imagining an angry group of bicycle riders chasing him, they were, he had stolen their saddles. Gary won and quite comfortable as well. Having won the yellow jersey he was a little dismayed, it had come from Edgars? Next year the Argos Tour with the really short pencils.

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  1. absoultly quality pops, how did you even think this up ?