Monday, 18 June 2012

The Poppy Fire

Natures fire brought out by the Poppy glowing in the late afternoon sun. Such a short lived flower that promises so much and has to do with what little sunshine it gets. ‘It’ is a harsh term for a Poppy, ‘she’ would be more appropriate. Year after year these wonderful flowers grace our garden and demand our attention. A rose does the same but not with such a limited time frame, we all know the rose will flower again and again even until death. The Poppy gives all for such a short time, we must wonder why, but then, why not. Nature gifts us many wonders but the simple flowering of a Poppy must be one of her greatest achievements.
I took these photos of the Poppy as I saw her and that elusive sun disappeared as I was photographing. It is all in the photos. Enjoy them, for like life, it is a rare occasion when all comes together for a moment to lift us and help us get through the long days that is an English summer.
I did good today, not as much as I would have want but enough to let me realise that somethings do take time and giving that time has its own rewards.

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