Saturday, 2 June 2012

The quirks of the kitchen

The quirks of the kitchen
To the sounds of Waterloo by Abba on the Graham Norton show I contemplate those oddities of the kitchen. Normally I just cook without really reading the instructions but recently I glanced at the cooking instructions on a packet of pasta. Place in boiling water with a pinch of salt, cook for 10 to 12 minutes, shorter cooking time will give an Al Denta (Firm to the mouth) pasta. Interesting, definitely give a 'Firm to the mouth' feel if that is rump steak. Pasta the longer you cook it the softer it gets, streak the shorter the time cooked the softer it is. This is a good basic rule to follow for younger cooks, like Michael going to Uni soon. All meats and fish the shorter it is cooked the softer and more flavour it has and those carbohydrates need to be cooked longer for that 'Soft to the mouth' feel. 
Gary of Middlesmiths has just bought a BMW 5 series and Robert has been watching out for them on the road. Today he revealed his findings. 
' I have never seen anyone under the age of 70 driving one yet, don't get me wrong, I think they are amazing cars.' well Robert I suppose it is the price of a 5 series that puts the younger generation off. Not to get too down hearted Gary, he wants to be the first young person to drive one.
Summer time and the sun is shining, Merlin is at the beach hut and I will be cleaning out the Weber in anticipation of the first BBQ of the year. That smell of Hotties bubbling on the coals, sizzle of sausage and burger patties and the slow rolling of a rolled beef, well done on the outside and very pink in the middle. All accompanied by a cold Chardonnay and hopefully no wind. Tonight's the night.
Do you follow the Eurovisions song contest? Yes, no. Well this year the favourite song is by the Singing Grannies From Russia. Our entry is by Engeburg  Humperdinck, singing a love song, not too sure of the title but being from the UK we will come last. 
Other news is that the Greeks do not want to pay their debts so will be thrown out of the EU. Go for it I say, it is all the fault of the banks who are still making millions and want us to pay their debts off while giving eye watering bonus's to the Directors. Bob Diamond, Barclays, £16m last year!

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