Saturday, 23 June 2012

Reverse Xenophobia

Angela has a condition called reverse xenophobia, comes from moving to another country and then being intolerant of people from your home country, staying or visiting your adopted country. Where has all the time gone and why with such  haste, it was only yesterday that Angela berated me for not being totally loyal to South Africa and now events have come full circle, nasty illness that reverse xenophobia. Hope you are going to cope in Perth.
Michael and Charlotta had their first trip to London together yesterday, both finished school and now with 3 months holiday ahead of them before Uni, they have decided to take themselves off to the Grande Canary islands for a two week holiday. Michael picked up his new passport and Charlotta some essential clothes for the beach and night life on the Grande Canaries. Again I must point out 'where has all the time gone and why with such haste? Robert is also finished his GCSE exams and will be returning to school to do his A levels in September, what are they going to do for the next 3 months except cost me a fortune?
Susan is on the go again, no not up the corporate ladder but more literally traveling to the midlands and then back to London in her iPanda with retina display and Italian passion engine. First long trip for her in the new iPanda and what fun it will be, I imagine will be over in a wink of an eye, fun things always pass too quickly. Talking of Susan, we had our British wedding anniversary last week, 10 years we have been married in the eyes of HM Government.
Again I must point out 'where has all the time gone and why with such haste?
Have not heard anymore about Russell's game reserve but will give him a ring when I have a moment next week and get all the gossip.
I am thinking of putting another Chronicle together again, time fly's, I know I have rabbited on a bit about time and the haste of it but we are all older and wiser so let's as a group, friends and family, get some photos and stories in a folder and send them to me, I will do the magic. Come on, your know you want to, think of your children and what memories you can leave them.

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