Saturday, 14 July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Yes I can be seen in the BBC video of the Torch Relay, 8000 miles, 8000 Torch Relay Runners and I watched one of the hand overs in Poole. I am the tall athletic looking gentleman on the left, blue shirt and chinos, can not miss me. I have always said that the olympics is the biggest waste of money this world ever invented but they really are putting on a show that has no budget limit. Just at a rough guess I would say there was 10 police on motorbikes, out riders, 9 police cars, mainly X5 BMW, 3 buses and loads of support vehicles. If the torch relay gets any change from £8 m, I will be surprised.

13072012263BMW are the official partners, one of them, they had the new 3 series following the torch bearers so BBC coverage for 8000 miles every inch of the way you see this 3 series from the front, great advertising.

Changing the subject, as you know it has been raining here for the last two months and is set to be very wet until september, something to do with the Gulf stream bringing wet weather from Mexico over the Atlantic to this muddy isle. Today is no exception, flood warning and heavy rain again but Merlin did point out the the clouds seem to be hanging around lately, so perceptive .that girl, I do agree the clouds are hanging in the sky, that is what clouds do when they not racing by in a storm.

Michael and Charlotta are off to the Grand Canaria islands for a weeks holiday, all the drama of the passport not arriving in time, then the visa would definitely not get processed in time. All has come together at the last minute, Michael picked his visa up yesterday and now is packing for the evening flight out of Gatwick - have fun kids and relax, you have a whole week there.

Finally I must thank all those who sang, sent cards, SMS, jibjab and came around for my birthday. I have loads of booze, cheese, a very good fruit cake which is part of my 5 a day and a coffee grinder. The only present missing is a good salami but with Gary now an Italian it could be on its way.

Just to let you know Gary is now known as Lancia, Italian for Gary, Lancia al Portatore is the full version. So Lancia al portatore will be having his name change ceremony in December. Farewell Gary, hello Lancia. Bruno Canosa is setting it all up with the help of Claudosa and the rest of the mafia family.

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