Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Our Comfort Zones

We all quite happy working within our capabilities, our comfort zone but it is a good thing for all of us to every now and then push the boundaries and move out our comfort zone. I find myself doing this more often then not lately, it is an OMG type of experience but very rewarding. My latest is to put together an Application for the iPad, an App as you know it. I have created web friendly applications for a number of events but to create an App that is downloaded onto an iPad is way out my comfort zone. 
This is for a company called JoyGlobal and I was lucky enough to get the job from Gary via Joburgsetco, that boy must have some faith in me or just love me enough to stick his head out and say I can do it. Well the next two to three weeks will either estrange our relationship or surprise even me. I sincerely hope it is the latter, so hold thumbs fellow blog readers and if you know something about Apps please pass it on I have a feeling I might need it.
Enough begging, I have started running again and feel so much better for it. I had a little flu which I have moaned about in a previous blog and that has finally gone but it left me lazy, full of aches and pains and just not my normal self, solution excursus. I must admit I am really enjoying it. Poole park has excercise areas evenly spaces around the park, a good jog between stations and then 12 reps on the different machine and then jog to the next. A total of almost 3 kms and 6 excsercise areas (each has 4 or 5 machines) taking about 35 minutes. 
We are finally getting some sunshine and I intend buying a new lawnmower and doing some gardening this weekend, fresh air, manual labour and finally a tidy garden for the summer will be alright, thank you.
Angela should be sort of settled in her new home in Perth, that’s where the Great White Sharks live, and can now spend some time at the beach with Lily and Beno, hope it went well Angela.

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  1. Thanks Dad. Slowly getting there. Perth is so lovely though, am sure we'll be happy here! Good luck with the app... X