Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympic Fever

The Olympics are here and from all accounts seem to be going off very smoothly, London business is dead but hey ho the Olympics are going along gaily. I personally think the Olympics are all about Politicians and has been Olympic athletes trying to be one better than the last country to have them. Waste of money and all for 2 weeks of obscure sports we never watch and some do not even get a mention on television.
Talking of sport, those South African cricketers are not that bad as the feeder team to the English international team, I can see some of them being poached for the next World Cup. Last I looked SA had 419 all out and the English team were 81 for 1, day three, if we have a result is doubtful but then SA could get us out cheaply, put on a few more runs and then we collapse, game over.
The summer is still a way off for us, overcast and windy seems to be the prevailing weather and set for the next month, gloom and doom for those who enjoy the sun. We always tend to talk about the weather, why the fascination? I suppose it is something we can all feel and experience at the moment so is something to share.
Susan and I are still running and doing the circuit exercises every 2nd day, feeling really good, hope I have the will power to persist when the sun gets lower in the sky and the temperature drops for winter. We tend to hibernate come the autumn and running on an icy surface is a challenge.
It is Robert’s birthday this coming Saturday and we are at a loss to know what to get him, his expectations are very high, higher then we want to go. He wants an Apple iPhone 4 S, £499.00, almost the price of a small, 2nd handcar!! I did promise him a iMac if he gets 4 A’s and an A* for his GCSE’s, so might have to cough up for that at the end of the month.
Children are very expensive and my advise to anyone wanting to take the leap and have one or two, go for it they worth every penny. I have five and all have been a test but have grownup to be great. I have always admired them and loved the differences and similarities they have shown throughout their lives. In my latter years I do find I am calling Michael, Mark and Robert, Gary but that is just age and not the fact that they are so alike. Michael does also take after Angela in a lot of ways, never suffers fools gladly and has strong views that do not get changed easily. Where I fit in is anyone’s guess.
 I ramble so enjoy your weekend and speak soon.

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