Tuesday, 9 October 2012


We all have seen them but there are a few that are very difficult to see. Bed bugs, head louse and Body louse. 
Starting with bed lice, 4mm long and they feed on our blood! 
NO we do not want to go there, enough I say, let us leave the bugs to those who enjoy them and talk about better nothings.
Mark is in the process of taken over as general manager of a up market distribution company, selling fancy deli type products. Well if any thing his ingredients will be of a better quality and more adventurous cooking will be on the cards. Good luck with your new direction in life and enjoy the challenge.
Michael seems to have settled into university, rearranged his Monday so now only has lectures on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Hard work for three days a week, but then someone has to do it and he is willing. I do envy him, if I was 10 years younger I think I would go to university. 
Sybil Ward - music sounds good.
I know I say it every year but autumn is showing its hand and the mornings are chilly, 7 deg C chilly and in free fall by the day. The vegetation is at its best, autumn colours evolve and fill with a deep, rich body, that last a few weeks and then are gone. Great time to walk the dog and that is exactly what I did on Thursday. Wareham forest, as can be seen from the photograph I have inserted. The one disturbing fact was no birds, I saw a black bird around the litter bin and a robin near the car park but nothing in the forest? No bird song, no chatter or calling, all very quiet. I must admit it did seem as if they were there but something else was also there. Sam and I walked on oblivious to any threat, real or imaginary.
Gary Joseph Smith is 34 years old on Tuesday and we all wish him a Jolly, Happy Birthday. I normally send a funny video but as he is now approaching his more mature years, so I sent him a Lotto ticket with the chance of winning millions. Till anon, yours in blogging.


  1. nice to see you up on the screen so to say, i have now worked out my password thingie ma jig so can comment....
    Hope you well my BIG brother, when you coming to get scared on Tangala?

  2. Bed Lice or Bed Bugs, what will it be