Monday, 19 November 2012

Durlston Castle through Time

Last Sunday saw Susan, Sam and I set off to Swanage with the aim of finding Durlston Castle. The Castle and great Globe are just part of the curious legacy of George Burt, a Victorian entrepreneur also known as the 'King of Swanage'. In Durlston bay, the remains of tiny prehistoric mammals found within the layers of Purbeck Limestone reveal the story of life 135 million years ago. This region is now know as the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Admission is free but you have to pay for parking, £3.00 per day, so worth a visit. We walked through the time trail which takes you from the car park to the castle. For every step you take it is meant to represent 1 million years in time, with modern man located in this time line just 5 mm before the last post which is the present.

We walked through the castle and down to the globe and then along the cliff path, the view is breath taking as you look over the English Channel. This is a good walk to see Dolphins and  sea birds and ends at the Anvil lighthouse. Coming back through the nature reserve takes you higher up and through some natural forest to the entrance of the castle. We deserved a cuppa and I was able to photograph a fish eagle flying over the bay. Great place to bring children and dogs, also sells good food and chilled wine.

What of the last week you might ask. Not much as the clement weather kept all but the hardy amount us indoors, I took Sam for his daily walk, in wind and rain it was walkies time. What happened? Gary did another business takeover, not a hostile one I might add, good move from the sounds of it.

Ben from Oz is growing an inch a day and is just too cute, Lily spoke to Granny Susie Pie on Skype and made her day. Susan also saw Benji and that crown it all off.

Christmas will be great as we will be able to talk to the Dickens and the Middlesmiths at once, Ho Ho Ho. We will watch them opens presents and toast the spirit of Christmas together. Robert is very keen on not messing with Christmas, quiet one at home, just us, he is happy to have Margaret but I get the feeling that is it. We will see.
Back to presents, I need socks, blue, brown and red if possible, you can never have enough socks. A bottle of wine and loads of cheese, salami and olives. I will get the rolls. Now that is me settled, what about YOU?
Till anon.


  1. Really good blog!!! A bit of stilton, some Taylors Port and some branston pickle will do me fine!!

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