Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas 2012

I started writing this blog in my head while taking Samuel for a walk on the beach. I was early today as I wanted to be there before the heavens open up again, very unsettled weather but not really that cold.
On Christmas Eve we had a few old friends around, as one is inclined to do, mulled wine and minced pies was the idea but the wine flowed and the cider talked and we never got around to mulled wine, I did have a minced pie with my coffee. As it was the night before Christmas we said our good nights at just after 11 and I was sound asleep before 12.
I woke early and made the customary tea and coffee and went back to sleep until 10, there are advantages to having grown up children. Michael got us going at 10 for our traditional walk (see attached photo) along the beach. The weather was kind to us (also attached) and we only got a little wind swept. 
Present time, what a pile with Michael and Robert working and Susan spoiling us all, it was quite a jolly event which lasted for a good hour, as Michael was Santa and only gave one present at a time.
Just to reassure you, we all got more than we deserved and rightly so, I hope your presents and the opening of, was as happy as ours.
The rest of the day developed into a blur of wine, roast turkey, roast beef and far too much dessert. On reflection, the only unfortunate part was the inability to get hold of the Smiths and Dickens in OZ, the time difference plays a muck with communications. From the comment left they seemed to have had an early start, around 6 am I do believe. I for one was happy to see my bed by 10 pm.
Boxing day, a day of reflection and wonder, did I really get such wonderful gifts? We walked the dog before the rain came and then decided to indulge in a pub brunch. Weatherspoons make an ideal full English breakfast which we all enjoyed. Such a civilised way to start Boxing Day, quite right.
To finish off, Christmas was as unique as any other, for every year the mystery unfolds itself a new. In later life I have come to see that Christmas, like hope, is a rope to anchor in a shifting world. Christmas cannot be questioned but only lived and if I could not grasp it, I felt its heartbeat, which was love.


  1. Sorry to have missed you too. Our day started with Lily and Mika running up and down the passage yelling "wake up everyone! It's christmas!!!" This was at 5:12am!!!! Thankfully there was a coffee machine under the tree so we got that cranked up and brewing coffee shortly thereafter. We headed down to the beach for an early swim before brekkie. Very refreshing! Like you said, our day was filled with love. It was wonderful. We just missed our families which are spread around the world. X

  2. Ps. Who's Miss Shorty in the photo!!!!! Pls send that pic to me at full res so I can print it off. X

  3. Sorry Angela, it is not a good pic, focus is on my foot. Dodgy camera man!!