Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

All the anticipation and the joy of giving, concentrated into one day, the day before Christmas. The tree is surrounded by presents of all shapes and sizes, some look very familiar but other unleash your imagination. We are all still children and wonder who that well wrapped, special looking present is for. I still dream and I have seen more then three score years. 
Susan went to a fancy dress Christmas evening as Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo, great fun dressing up, make up done by Charlotta. Pic attached. 
As I write it is 5 minutes to midnight in Australia, Christmas coming at a gallop, hopefully you all get a good nights rest to recharge your adult batteries for the onslaught of Christmas day and all the challenges of high powered children doing what children do best on Christmas. 
Susan had a delivery from her office today and her presents from her friends at work filled the boot of Sarah's car, oh to be so popular. I did a bit of a feel and there is some wine there so I will have to help her test the quality. Loads of smelly things I think and the rest we will see tomorrow. See pic attached of our humble tree.
Robert is still doing his paper round and his tips this year came to just under £100, I think that is his motivation as he only earns £22 per week.
I do think I have exhausted the presents and the anticipation. It is probably a good thing that Christmas almost here, it is Christmas in Oz as it is now 6 minutes past midnight and the countdown to the first child to wake is running, good luck. Merry Christmas.

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  1. Wish I had known, Mika and Lily were up by 03h00, just missed the reindeer and 6 white boomers (google reference this) they waited very patiently till 05h00 till they woke the rest of the house, by 06h00 presents were all done and by 07h30 we were on the beach!