Friday, 25 January 2013

Moving On

‘I have been rover since my birth’ and I feel it is time to move on. ‘There must be a place in the sun for me.’ How do I get Susan to go with me, Robert is about to move on and Michael has started his journey. Deep down inside I know I need to move on now, where you might ask? I do not know at the moment but if I start it will come to me. Maybe it is not up to me but just life's little journeys we all get caught up in. Susan gets sad looking at travel magazine, she also has itchy feet, should we be so bold? Are we still young enough to start again somewhere different, away.
I am very aware of the limitations to the longevity of my life but am not ready to rest, there is another party in me, one more time when I wake and thank the heavens I am still alive and can experience life as it passes quickly bye, slow the world and allow me time to stand and stare.
What has brought this on you may ask? Well I looked into my wardrobe an realised I had shirts there that were 12 years old and I still wear them!!! Time to move on, i want to be thankful for the small pleasures of a cheap bottle of wine and a roast chicken, see a calf born, be happy it is not raining but know I will pay the price. Rejoice in front of a fire that keeps me warm, eat brakwurst with mustard that burns the top of my nose and let me wake in a fancy hotel room next to Susan, the woman I have been lucky enough to really love.
Tonight I will take out a lottery ticket and let the journey begin.
Why this melancholy, you are justified in asking, the snow, previous blog, and seeing Michael at home in his flat at Uni. He is comfortable and sorted there and I envy his newness of life.
Tonight we have roast pheasant with cocktail sausages and stuffing balls, now that is something new, never eaten pheasant before as I always felt a little  hesitant eating such a beautiful bird. I did eat guinea fowl and did not enjoy it, so tonight will be another journey of discovery.
Just an update on the weather, have you noticed they always do the weather at the end of the news. Well in keeping with tradition I will hopefully remember to give you a weather update at the end of my blog. -2 deg C and a 15 mph wind greets anyone who is brave enough to go outdoors. I have no choice as Sam requires a walk everyday and so do I. Today the sea was rough, messy waves and grey skies. On reflection let us go back to what I said at the beginning of this blog.
There must be a place in the sun for me. Maybe just a place I can write, reflect, stare and relax


  1. Awesome blog dad, how was the pheasant?

  2. Yes, that place is called Perth, Australia.