Friday, 4 January 2013

New 2013

Just as we are getting over Christmas along comes a New Year to top it all. Sometimes I think it is a bit much following so soon after our festivities. New Year resolution's are a much debated topic, what are they? How long will they last?

My feeling is to make a little time for yourself, ‘me time’ and consider all those things you would like to do and evaluate them,  are they really feasible. Once you have a clearer understanding on what you would like to achieve then set yourself a goal, small but manageable and stick to it.

In saying that my goal is to buy an Audi A6 Avant. How to go about this without putting myself into huge debt is the goal. My present car is worth £ 4000 and the Audi costs a little more then that. Plan B buy a used Audi. The first hurdle is the model I want will cost about £ 10,000. My specs are for the car to be no older then the one I am driving and not to have done more that 70,000 miles. Hurdle Two is convincing myself that I really need it, Sam is happy in the existing car and he is higher up the pecking order then I am. Hurdle Three, convince Sam to argue my case with the powers that be that it will be a good change. Finally part with my hard earned money! Now there's the rub.

My little brother has a Game Lodge in Africa and has sent me these photographs of his swim with the elephant, that is him in the water and the elephants is watching!!



I am back at work on Monday so if anyone wants to comment I will respond. Happy New year.


  1. Wonderful photo...seems a bit surreal. Matt's comment was "Imagine what our daughter would do if she was in the pool!" x

  2. Photo is amazing, best of luck with the Audi dad, getting Sam to argue your case shouldn't be much of an issue; he's easily bribed.