Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow greets the Dawn Chorus

vcm_s_kf_repr_882x588After a mild winter so far we woke to a white washed world of snow. As the sun only rises at 8 it was still dark and the street lights pickup the snow covering the cars and road. The weather forecast predicts snow for most of the day leading on to sleet and rain, so what we see now, will melt by dawn tomorrow. Pity as it would have been exciting to drive out into the country and see real deep snow, they have been wrong before in their forecast, so hopefully they get it wrong this time. We have about 100mm of snow at the moment and it is still snowing.

Michael and Robert, late risers at the best of time, are out there trying to snowboard with an old skim board, could be interesting. Robert has no school today as those coming from inland have no bus service today and some people will not be able to get out of their driveways, in the country areas that is, as they have had much heavier snow fall then us.

Taking Susan to work this morning was like driving in a ghost town. Roads deserted but the gritters have done their job and the main routes are fine, just a little slushy.

Will keep you posted if it does get heavier.

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