Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Someone found my Blog

Well hello there and good day to you, which automatically makes you my new most favourite person. You see without this blog I am nothing. I would sit like a gibbering wreak, not knowing where to go or worse... Why.
So my destiny is quite literally in your hands and if you, lovely you, comment on my blog you will make me something that matters. You will bring unimaginable good karma on yours, and that's a promise. Thank you in advance, you are wonderful.
While you here I just want to tell you that Sam is sitting outside waiting for Susan to come home, stupid dog she is still in London, was yesterday and he still has not got it.
Angela would say, Hey Ho have a lentil and be gentle. 
I was in a small market town the other day and saw 40 cows waiting for the bus, diesel is so expensive. No it did not happen in 1988, no one remembers what happen in 1988. That was in the days that the chippy had a loud hailer to warn people the traffic warden was coming, no parking on double yellow, OK maybe a little.
Thank you in advance, to all those who will commented on this rubbish blog but as Angela says 'hey Ho!


  1. I am here! i had to do so much of stuff just to comment...

  2. You will now have unimaginable Karma