Monday, 28 January 2013

Trust in Our self

There is a greater gift than the trust of others, some might call it confidence, others might call it faith but it makes us brave. The label does not matter nor does it make any difference, for it is the thing that frees us, to embrace life itself. It is to trust in our self.
As a writer I suppose I see things from a different angle to, say a photograph or a painter. My tools are words, how to bring what I am thinking to the reader. Like a silversmith works with silver so I am a wordsmith and have a multitude of tools to create with. I see a crow calling and wonder what evil is going to befall us, but on another day I would wonder if that crow is just calling it’s mate and then I wonder where it’s mate is? Caught in last nights storm, tossed about by the gale or just old and too tired to carry on. Depending on my mood I might imagine it to have a gammy wing and a little stiffness in its joints. It might be an old crow and too grumpy to answer.
I once saw a seagull flying through the rain and smoke of Cardiff and immediately knew it to be not long for this world. The crippling smog slowing this gallant bird in search of food and a warm place to rest. It was the way it flew and my melancholy mood that made it so very urgent for me to write this thought down. I ended up writing a short story and I seem to recall it in one of my Chronicles.IMG_0071
Maybe it is time for another Chronicle, anyone interested in sending me a short or long article too include?
We took Robert to Durlston Castle on Saturday, anything to get him out and about. It was almost an education to see the way he went about reading and absorbing the history of the castle and they have a short walk which depicts how long it took for earth to evolve.
Each step you take, they are big steps, moves you a billions years forward. A timeline, as can be seen from the photo I have included. Great fun and it seems to put this whole beginnings of time into perspective, it did for me.


  1. Would love to see a new chronicle!

  2. Chronicle good idea. Wouldn't be able to add much to it except baby recipes or nappy rash advice though.
    Also... in Singapore Botanic Gardens, there is an awesome area that takes you past vegetation from each time period. It starts way back when from first flora life and continues to present day. Very interesting. Google it. Incidentally, there is also a wonderful Orchid exhibit.