Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Children start their Schooling

Time has flown and the months keep up the pace. Lily off to school, brings back such memories, some happy, some sad, sad at the passing of time, where has it gone and what have I done with all this time? First it was Mika, then Daniel, Travis and now Lily. Better not dwell on that too much, my eyes are welling up as I write.
Cooking loin of pork tonight with roast parsnips, roast potatoes, butternut (No not roasted) and a light Italian salad. I know Claudia but these things must be done, not as good as yours but done none the less. Talking about those Smiths, did i hear that Claudia's living in husband has taken his trainer wheels off and is now competing on an industrial level? Maybe Claudia will bring the family up to date? If not we can always arrange for a pair of Gucci cement shoes to help understand the situation. Bruno makes the most elegant of shoes when firing his pottery.
Back to the pork dinner, interesting thing is that the ingredients come from all over the globe. Butternut is from Algeria, tomatoes from Spain, pork from Denmark and onions from Argentina. Talk about globetrotting, just take a visit to Tesco and you will eat the worlds foods, nothing from Ireland. That is just too much, horse meat in the burgers and pork for the Muslims in jail. Burger King had a press release to say that all their burgers where 100% beef, Irish beef but beef nonetheless. Oops, they forgot to tell the Irish, so poorly by accident, they included horsemeat and a little Irish pork to make it go further. We must not forget the great potato famine and the reason why America came into being.
Michael turns 19 tomorrow and that is good, jolly good that I nurtured him for those 19 years. I am proud of him, battling through all the odds to survive and go on to a higher plane then I will ever manage. Keep up the studies, these four years will pass too quickly and then you will be part of the world's population, that work to pay their taxes and if lucky have a little over for the fun things. Keep an eye on the waves but remember they will be there long after you are gone, you legacy in life is the only thing that will live on.
Lovely photos of Michael and Lily, attached for you enjoyment. Sorry the photo of Michael is not really up to date.
Just to finish off, Sam is fine and the weather is looking dodgy, dark clouds fill the horizon and the threat of a cold February is looking more likely. Snow and very lower temperatures are on the cards, so if I do not respond tomorrow it is because of the adverse weather conditions, I will make ever effort to get to work but nature has her way sometimes and then we are powerless. 


  1. 42 degrees here today... Book the boat trip and come and lap up the sun!!!!