Saturday, 9 February 2013

Doom and Gloom forecast:

Weather wise that is, all doom and gloom. Talking of Doom, why have they not got Doom here? Bedbugs they have, not Doom. Oh I know, Doom has horsemeat in it, just like the French, they are fond of their horsemeat. 
Those French and their new President, Hollande. He has a nasty habit of brooding, staying away from meetings when he is not getting his way. I really feel sorry for his wife, what a weight to have to carry. They call it the French Sulk or the Francois Hollande Sulk. 
Angela made the most fantastic calendar for all those she loved. Sorry if you did not get one but they are rather special and not for the masses. Well done Angela.
Tonight, I make the burgers, always burgers and chips on Friday, just like the Catholics have Fish and chips, we have burgers and chips. A family tradition.
Tradition is one of those really wonderful things, can not think of another word but 'things', that make living worth while. I have started developing the Chronicle Annual, the last 10 years, into an iBook, for those who do not have a iPad, I will be putting out an Android version. Contain yourselves, it will be a while yet.

Has anyone every tried Port Salut cheese? Creamy, French cheese that is softand mild. My new favourite and now I give you the secret, buy it now and enjoy with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and some really ripe tomato.
How do I make my burger? Mix 750g mince with 50 g bread crumbs, touch of mixed herbs, salt and pepper to season, one egg beaten.  Mix the lot together and make 6 round meatball, flatten them and put in the fridge for 30 minutes, grill and serve with fresh lettuce, slice tomato and sliced onion. Chips optional, but mayo and Tom sauce a must. Go on I know you want to be super parent. You heard it here first.
Just finally, did you know that Google makes $700 m per minute, makes you think? Maybe it is time to put a little business Bing's way, let's start to even the odds.


  1. Matt makes AWESOME burgers too. He'll share his recipe too... Watch this space!!!

  2. Home made burgers! God I miss home cooked food!

  3. Eaten any horse meat burgers yet? i know you fond of them in the UK...